Fifty Landmark Tapestry Sets

Tapestry Series TitleCenturySubjectArchive ReferenceLocation/Links to Images
The Beaufort Arms14thArmorial68
Apocalypse Tapestry14thReligious434/435Chateau Angers, France
Nine Heroes15thHistory/Religious145The Metropolitan Museum, New York
Saint Piat & Saint Eleutherius15thReligious430/436Cathedral of Tournai, Belgium
Devonshire Hunting Tapestries15thHunting305V&A Museum, London
The Justice of Trajan and Herkenbald15thHistory131Wikicommons
The Caesar Tapestries15thHistory117
Life of Saint Peter15thReligious438
History of Troy15thMythology260Article from the V&A Museum, London
The Hunt of the Unicorn15thAllegory4Article from the Metropolitan Museum, New York
The Lady and the Unicorn16thAllegory4Article from MuseƩ de Moyen Age
The Honours16thAllegory52Article from Flemish Tapestries in Spain
Acts of the Apostles16thReligious424Vatican Museums
The Grotesques of Leo XV16thMythology82
The Hunts of Maximillien16thHunting746Louvre, Paris
The Passion16thReligious407Article from Flemish Tapestries in Spain
Scuola Nouva16thReligious400Vatican Museums
Deeds of Scipio16thHistory136
The Story of Scipio16thHistory133
The Seven Deadly Sins16thReligious54
The Story of Joshua16thReligious54
The Story of Joseph16thReligious364
The Story of Saint Paul16thReligious 440
The Story of Abraham16thReligious 351From the Royal Collection, London
The Jagiellonian Tapestries16thVariousVariousWikicommons
The Battle of Pavia16thHistory162Museo Capodimonte, Naples
The Conquest of Tunis16thHistory154Article from Flemish Tapestries in Spain
Early History of Rome16thHistory131
The Triumphs of Petrarch16thAllegory46The Royal Collections Trust
Fables of Ovid "Poesia"16thMythology252
The Valois Tapestries16thCourtly279The Uffizi Gallery, Florence
The Armada16th/17thHistory153Article from The House of Lords, London
The Story of Vulcan17thMythology534Article from the V&A Museum, London
Hero & Leander17thMythology530
The Story of Queen Atemesia17thHistory675
The Triumph of the Eucharist17thReligious336
The Story of Constantine17thHistory676
The Story of Achilles17thMythology231
Decius Mus17th History125The Leichtenstein Collection
Stories from the Old Testament17thReligious693
The Story of Alexander17thHistory723
The Royal Residences17thHunting700
The Gallery of Apollo17thPortraits727Wikicommons
The Elements17thAllegory697
Histoire du Roi17thHistory726
New Indies18thAllegory730
Hunts of Louis XV18thHunting745
Don Quixote18thMyth/Literature275
Fragments from the Opera18thMyth/Literature742
Holy Grail Tapestries19thMyth/LiteratureMorris FileWikipedia